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Founders CBS 2018

Style: Stout - American Imperial / Double
ABV: 11.6 %
Price per litre: 25,07 €
Sale start: 2018-11-20
Last in stock: 2019-11-04
Article id: 32752
Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.
Country: United States United States
Region: Grand Rapids - MI
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8,90 €
Bottle 355ml
Shop's description
Hot on the heels of Founder’s wildly successful Kentucky Breakfast Stout comes CBS (no, not the TV station) Canadian Breakfast Stout – a sublime barrel-aged Gourmet Stout brewed with real Canadian maple syrup for a sweet, fragant taste of the maple and molasses.
Slick jet-black beneath a fleeting brown head, CBS is full of classic dark roast malt and cocoa tones, with a seductive vanilla-maple backnote.
This profile is reproduced on the palate, set in a slick body with appropriately lazy carbonation and a bitterness that’s the perfect match for the sweet, boozy maple toffee character that takes the tasting to a supremely smooth, soft finish.
Founders beers are supplied by Founders with a short Best Before Date, which in some cases may have already passed. However, this doesn't mean the beer is bad. Like many Imperial Stouts, KBS and CBS are beers that won't spoil. In fact it'll improve with age, so if you can bear to resist opening it, it'll get better and better in your cellar over the years ahead…