La Binchoise, beer des Ours

Style: Pale Ale - Belgian
ABV: 8.5 %
Price per litre: 6,55 €
Sale start: 2019-01-08
Last in stock: 2019-11-29
Article id: 1676
Brewery: Brasserie La Binchoise
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Binche - Wallonie
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Shop's description
Bière des Ours is a Belgian craft beer that is unusual in being brewed with honey, hence the name "Ours" or bear, since bears are known to love honey.

The honey is added during the first fermentation process, giving this beer its original twist.

Honey is used as a substitute here, replacing some of the sugar that is usually used in the brewing process. The honey brings sweetness and aromas but also a high quantity of alcohol from the fermentation of the fermentable sugars that it contains.

La Binchoise, Bière des Ours is a blonde beer that pours a dark golden colour in the glass.

On the nose it delivers malty aromas with slightly fruity citrus notes, toasted aromas of caramelised sugars and a light hint of biscuit.

The palate has subtle fruity notes, quickly overtaken by more pronounced flavours of toasted malt and caramel that are accompanied by a discreet, rounded, honeyed note.

Bitterness and hops are practically non-existent here, making this Bière des Ours a well rounded beer with the character of a "Triple Blonde" character but the roundness of a Double Brown.
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