N Ice Chouffe

Style: Winter Ale
ABV: 10 %
Price per litre: 8,18 €
Sale start: 2019-01-07
Last in stock: 2019-12-11
Article id: 4670
Brewery: Brasserie d'Achouffe
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Achouffe - Wallonie
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Shop's description
Dark beer with a 10° ABV, N Ice Chouffe won’t fail keeping you warm during the long cold winter nights. Brewed by Brasserie Achouffe, this beer was finely spiced with thyme along with curaçao before being skillfully hopped…it offers the best of itself when poured at about 10°!
Therefore, this Belgian beer pours a beautiful dark colour topped by a creamy beige head. It greatly challenges the nose, reminding dried fruits, chocolate and spices. Generous and powerful in the mouth, its features excellent notes of roasted malt, before the tasting finishes with a slightly spicier end.
This excellent Christmas beer turns to be a real treat. Taste it next to a warm fire, it will release its amazing aromas, the same way a St Bernardus would for example!
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